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This Aussie tech and design consultancy has partnered with Google Cloud in the Asia Pacific region


Australian technology and design consultancy 33Bondi recently announced its partnership with Google Cloud as a new Google Cloud Partner (Asia Pacific) announced at the Google Cloud Next ‘19 conference in San Francisco.

A deeply customer-centric consultancy, 33Bondi specialises in B2C business transformations that need to capture culture and value, they architect scalable technology systems and are specialists in software development, graphic and UX design, brand and marketing strategy.

It works alongside key clients such as Afterpay, Blooms The Chemist and IMG.

33Bondi is led by an executive of experienced industry experts including co-founders Jim Watts (Atlassian, Fairfax), Technology Lead, Steven Muller (Droga5, Heineken), Strategy Lead and Jonas Allen (Moon, Mambo), Design Lead.

33Bondi has worked with Google Cloud for 6 months after a successful international project for Google Cloud was delivered by ex-Atlassian infrastructure director Jim Watts.

Becoming Google Cloud Certified demonstrates that 33Bondi is qualified to support business transformation using Google Cloud Platform.

Jim Watts, Steven Muller and Jonas Allen

Is this collaboration on sound footing?

Technology Lead Jim Watts says 33Bondi is a strong cultural fit with Google Cloud and mirror the way the company operates internally.

“Our belief is that small teams of smart people can affect great change, especially when harnessing technology. We seek deep, meaningful client partnerships, are data driven and customer centric, which underpins the partnership,” says Watts.

“Our technology capability is supplemented by AI and ML services and a strong understanding of design thinking. Our strength is architecting robust and lean systems and developing solutions that require real engineering experience and skills.

“Our point of difference is a deep understanding of how brand and technology need to complement and build together,” he said.

What exactly is Google Cloud?

Google Cloud is a set of solutions and products, including GCP and G Suite, that helps businesses transform and succeed in an environment where technology changes competitive environments.

Google Cloud Platform delivers secure storage, strong compute power, and an integrated data analytics products, among other benefits.