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Think smaller: Victorian Government introduces nanotechnology ‘vouchers’


The Government of Victoria has launched a $6.5 million program designed to promote the use of small technologies, including nanotech, biotech and information technologies, among business organisations.

Gavin Jennings, Victoria’s Minister of Innovation, initiated the first round of the Small Technologies Industry Uptake Program (STIUP) on Wednesday 29 September.

The program will “provide support for businesses to access facilities, goods, services and advice that will help them include small technologies in their products, processes and services,” Mr. Jennings said.

The government is partnering with Victoria’s Small Technologies Cluster (STC) to deliver the program, which is a principal part of the $10.5 million Victorian Action Plan for Small Technologies.

Through the program, businesses will gain access to research facilities and institutions including the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication, the Australian Synchotron and MiniFab, and CSIRO, as well as universities. Businesses can apply for access vouchers; three categories of funding are available.

The Small Technologies Trial vouchers are a central component of the program, carrying a maximum value of $250,000. Organisations have until 11 November of this year to apply for them.

“The development of small technologies is already driving transformation and innovation in products, services and industrial processes that will have a major impact across the Victorian economy and community,” said Mr. Jennings.

“That is why we are investing in the future of small technologies to ensure Victorians will benefit from more effective and safer medicines, more environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, and more sustainable methods for managing our natural resources.”

STIUP Voucher Categories:

• Small Technology Feasibility (STFeas) vouchers ― for companies to obtain specialised business and professional services to scope the feasibility of adoption of small technologies (value up to $10,000)

• Small Technology Technical (STTech) voucher ― for companies to gain access to equipment and expertise to demonstrate products, processes or services that would result in the potential adoption or integration of small technologies (value up to $50,000)

• Small Technology Trial (STTrial) voucher ― for companies to develop prototypes, pilot scale trials or improvements in existing products or processes through the adoption or integration of small technologies (value up to $250,000).

STTrial voucher applications close on 11 November. For further information, eligibility criteria, and to download application forms visit www.innovation.vic.gov.au.

STFeas and STTech voucher applications are open until June 2013. For further information and to download application forms visit www.stc-melbourne.com.

Image by the Argonne National Laboratory