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A revolution at your fingertips – this guy has created an app that can change your life


When Alex Prate up and moved his family half way across the world to Sydney, he had never been to Australia before. Alex did this with a determination to gain a new perspective on life and create challenging experiences for himself and his family as his life in Paris was becoming ‘too predictable’.

Having worked for over eight years developing his own company in customer relationship management (CRM) consulting, Alex always had further interest in the human dimension of his work – what people needed, how people defined themselves and found their inner drives and desires.

It was in Australia in March 2014 that he discovered a way to bring to life his vision. The growth of mobile and wearable devices provided a personalised and private outlet to foster the creation of Alex’s’ model.

How it all came together

Alex started creating Realifex from that time and purchased the domain name on the 22nd March 2014. The first version of Realifex for iPhone and Apple Watch was launched in April 2015.

The process of refining Realifex’s concept and elaborate on the key design principles took approximately four months with Sydney based company The Pixel Lab, and then a further ten months to incorporate, refine and implement the design specifically to the iPhone and Apple Watch.

From the beginning, Alex wanted to create a world-class design, to mirror the innovative concept and create a beautiful and playful user experience.

The second version of Realifex, designed by The Pixel Lab and implemented by the Melbourne based app development company Appster, was launched early October 2015.

What exactly does Realifex do?

Alex has always felt that too many of us are asleep in our day-to-day lives, doing what is expected of us or what is socially acceptable rather than what will bring out our vibrant, true selves so he has created a digital ‘you’, a portfolio of the users’ life that allows them time to reflect on what they really want.

Realifex aims to reassert the power in the users’ own world, to answer life’s universal and often painful questions: Who am I? What am I made of? Where do I go next? “In a world where stories are told, but no longer lived, Realifex aims to give control back to the individual.”

“With Realifex, the aim is to tackle four key issues consistent across people’s lives: the difficulties we have with becoming the person we really want to be, our inability to frequently take a step back and assess our own selves, the often distorted perception of the world we create, and the limited time we have to think about ourselves in our busy daily lives.


Realifex is fairly simple, playful and easy to use.

It only takes a few seconds each day to capture life events as “Notes” in Realifex, in privacy through an intuitive guided flow using iPhone or Apple Watch.

In real time, Realifex automatically enriches notes with contextual and physiological data and creates insightful and beautiful dashboards about the users’ life helping them to move towards positive change in their life.

Much more than a simple diary, Realifex is a life tracker as well as a personal life coach and a trusted confident helping users evaluate their past and make inspired decisions for their future.

How is Realifex doing so far?

“Realifex is the first app that reflects, with perfect clarity, how users perceive their life events and leads users to tangible self-improvements” Alex pointed out. “Users are seeing positive outcomes from Realifex after only a few days of usage.”

“Today is day four, over that time, this app has enabled me to identify things that work for me and clearly identify those things that do not,” one user said.

“Because of that, I was able to fearlessly make a business deal this morning that will more than pay for the subscription, maybe buy one million fold.”

The app store has recognised Realifex by featuring it on its front page for over four weeks and, at peak, across 110 countries. With more than 50,000 downloads six months since launch, 12,000 Facebook likes and over 3,500 followers on Twitter, Alex credits his success to his family and early adopters who loved and supported the concept from day one.

He has conservative hopes that by 2020, Realifex will have over half a million active users.