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The man behind (inside?) Elmo confirms the fun of chasing your dreams


We’ve spoken lately — and controversially — about entrepreneurship as art. Creating something out of nothing and making it beautiful — preferably not just in your eyes but in many others’ — that’s the prime directive. Not accumulating money.

As we noted earlier, speak to nearly any successful entrepreneur about his or her latest venture and you’ll get an earful about every aspect of the business — except the money.

We were reminded of business-as-art when we saw this trailer for an award-winning documentary about the man behind (inside?) a “Sesame Street” superstar.

“Being Elmo” tells the story of Kevin Clash, who hurled himself at his dream, going from high school to New York City to Jim Henson’s magic factory, where Clash gave life to the child-like puppet and shot to stardom (well, his hands and voice did, anyway).

“Being Elmo,” which won a special jury prize at the Sundance Film Festival, opens in New York on Oct. 12. The documentary’s site doesn’t indicate when the film will be available worldwide.

Chasing a dream — and making that dream real — is no small part of What We Do. If a man and his red, furry alter ego can embrace that, so can we all.

‘Being Elmo’ trailer