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This tech startup has built a ‘wireless zoo’ that is set to revolutionise vet care [VIDEO]


Wollongong company Alpha Vet Tech is aiming to revolutionise the global animal health and performance industries after developing lifesaving wearable devices to monitor the vital signs of animals and stream the data to the cloud.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional NSW, Skills and Small Business, John Barilaro, said the company has developed prototype technology with the support of a $25,000 Minimum Viable Product grant from the NSW Government-backed Jobs for NSW.

“Alpha Vet Tech has developed ‘The Wireless Zoo’ platform which can monitor vital health signs in animals – including cats, dogs, cattle, horses, and even camels – such as heart rate, oxygen saturation and internal temperature,” Mr Barilaro said.

“It then transmits the information wirelessly to the cloud to provide continuous electronic monitoring and to alert veterinarians if vital signs change in an animal’s condition requiring medical attention.

“This technology has potential to revolutionise the global animal health and performance industries. Not only is it grabbing the attention of vets but also sectors such as the dairy industry and even the horseracing and camel racing industries.

“This is a fantastic example of the NSW Government backing a great idea with the potential to tap into new international markets across various animal industries.”

What is the story behind Alpha Vet Tech?

Alpha Vet Tech owner Jeremy Bocknek, who developed the technology with his wife Gabrielle Browne, said his prototype technology is undergoing final testing at NSW vet practices, Toronto Zoo and with RSPCA Queensland.

“Currently vets can only use devices to monitor vital signs of animals when they are immobilised during surgery but this wearable technology will allow animals to be monitored 24/7 providing an easier road to recovery and less risk,” Mr Bocknek said.

“We are looking to support animal care in more than 200 veterinary practices in Australia and have also received interest from the dairy industry in China and even camel racers in Qatar, so the potential scope is enormous.

“We also want to build a healthcare platform similar to what you would see in a human hospital allowing vets to access a global research database.”

How Alpha Vet Tech works