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Target's 'rip-off' advertisement meets the original


Unless you’ve been living with your head under a doona over the last month and a half, you will have seen one of Target’s many advertisements featuring kids and other happy customers swimming through their bed-linen, apparently in the throes of some pretty exciting dream-action.

However, fans of Oren Levie and his song Her Morning Elegance might be rightly peeved at Target’s use of seemingly familiar concepts and themes, first portrayed in his very viral video clip (viewed by over 7.5 million people since it was posted in January).

The original

The Target Ad

The verdict

It’s not the first time that big brands have pinched a great pop-culture concept. Yet, few have done so as blatantly as this foray into commercial copy-catting. The similarities are even more pronounced when both clips are played… well… simultaneously.