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This start-up has just changed the helmet as we know it with this new sleek design


A new era in motorcycle enjoyment was recently ushered in, with the launch of the revolutionary VOZZ Helmet.

A unique merger between safety, comfort and design brilliance, the 100 per cent Australian designed and owned VOZZ Helmet was proudly launched by Managing Director Mark Bryant who described the occasion as ‘a wonderful example of Australian innovation heralding a new era in the way we think about helmets.’

“We quite literally believe we will make the traditional pull on, pull off helmet extinct,” he said.

“Our company’s rationale is a simple one. We create and deliver innovative helmets that increase the comfort, safety and performance of people in high risk activities.”

“But whilst our aim is simple, the research, development and technology behind this product is anything but,” he added.

“Locally designed, this helmet is a tri-composite construction that delivers a ride with no buffeting, no chin strap, no vision impairment, no neck compression and no neck restriction issues. We believe it is close to the perfect bike helmet.”

Mark Bryant VOZZ
Mark Bryant

What is the story behind the VOZZ Helmet?

Mark and his co-founder John Vozzo caught our eye back in the day when they entered their unique helmet in the 2012 Anthill Cool Company Awards and went on to be one of the winners.

John Vozzo
John Vozzo

Dr John Saxon, Chairman of Voztec Ltd (the company behind VOZZ Helmets), described the product launch as a radical departure from the traditional idea of rider safety and comfort.

“Quite simply, this helmet offers a level of aerodynamic precision, design and focus that is unprecedented. By incorporating a rear shell opening, we offer the rider quick helmet placement and removal, combined with unparalleled safety and comfort.”

“The mechanics of the helmet are globally patented and referred to as the Voztec System. It has an emergency safety release system and a fully adjustable chin cup that does away with the old-fashioned chin strap.

“These features increase safety by providing medical personnel improved access in case of an accident and allows the lower edge of the helmet to be rolled, thus producing a helmet with far fewer snag points.”

The helmet is available for test riding and purchase from the VOZZ Helmets showroom, Building 3, 49 Frenchs Forest Road East, Frenchs Forest NSW 2086. It’s also available for purchase online.