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Social Media 101 – How to Get Started in Social Media Marketing


Getting involved in social media for business and being talked about positively or negatively enables businesses to understand customer preferences and accurately predict their chances of success.

Positive feedback strengthens the business while negative feedback provides room for growth.

Engaging into social media for business is really a win-win situation since social media marketing always provides better leverage in as far as penetrating the target market is concern.

Absence of any feedback, on the contrary, is a disaster for any business venture having no clue whatsoever on how to drive the business to reach the apex of success.

Therefore, you need to participate in social media for business to take full advantage of online opportunities and to develop good business reputation.

With social media marketing you can organize your plans and execute them smoothly and easily every step of the way.

If you find one of your moves a bit futile you can always change it. Reinventing your social media marketing approach toward your global audience will create new impressions.

With social media marketing your business is positioned at a strategic advantage.

Following are the steps on how to get started in social media marketing.

Know your purpose

Ask yourself some fundamental questions that outlines your purpose.

  • Why do you want to engage in social media for business?
  • What do you want to get?

Whether it is for product sales or service promotion you will want to connect to your audience and build a healthy relationship to foster loyalty.

Depending on your purpose the type of social activities you may want to engage yourself in is concluded.

Assess your manpower and resources before engaging into social media marketing

Preparing your manpower and resources before entering in social media marketing can make the difference.

This means hiring people to execute specific tasks such as a content writer to write and publish your web contents, a virtual assistant to maintain your social web accounts, and a customer care representative with technical knowledge to receive questions and make conversations to your customers online.

Identify your social media viewers

Be keen enough to identify your social media viewers and to know where they spend most of their time online.

Understand their likes and dislikes, what topic and information spur their great interest and participation.

Be active in catering your social media viewers’ wants and needs.

Provide useful contents for them to keep coming back for more.

Aside from this, do not discount the way your messages should come across the board – that it should be pleasant and attractive so it would encourage interaction and create more feedback.

Write interesting content to attract your social media viewers

Once you’ve identified where your audience congregate; what contents they view and follow; now’s the time to write your engaging content to catch their full attention.

Make more content like this to keep your social media viewers excited all the time and build a throng of followers loyal to you as their primary source that can serve their taste and meet their expectations.

Arrange a schedule for social media marketing

Take a portion of your time each day to be spent on social media marketing.

Make sure to stick to your arranged social media marketing schedule so you don’t miss anything.

Always think of quality not quantity when doing social media for business

With social media for business it’s better to have a handful of good, loyal, and actively involved followers than to have a multitude of followers who initially sign up but never show-up again.

Let your social media followers steer the wheel

With social media for business, allow your followers to take control of the conversation and leave them to steer to whatever direction they wish to take.

This way they are able to develop emotional attachment to your brand and business – a clever strategy in running social media marketing.

Keep improving your social media marketing craft

Keep an open mind; continue to listen to what your audience in social media marketing have to say; and most importantly keep improving your craft.

Acquire new ideas and don’t be afraid to implement them. Be welcoming of whatever change comes your way and ready yourself to address that change.

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Carmichael Pineda is a freelance writer currently working as an independent contractor at Odesk.com. His natural penchant for words eventually found meaning and expression in his chosen path and career.

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