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Smart is, smart does! March brothers create trivia game app to challenge Facebook friends


Everybody loves trivia. Everybody loves Facebook. What if we married the two?

The Marchs clearly are some smarty pants! The brothers Aaron and Aidan March dreamt up the idea of creating a trivia challenge in (where else?) a pub, over a mug of beer.

That may have been the easy part because they knocked on no less than 30 doors of digital agencies before Visual Jazz Isobar signed on to take their ‘I am Smarter Than You!’ app all the way down to the iTunes store.

“Since we were kids, we’ve always tried to outsmart each other with obscure facts, so we naturally gravitated towards the trivia theme,” said Aaron, recalling childhood trivia nights.

“We also thought the real time, friend vs. friend battle type scenario would appeal to the Australian public,” he added, about making the app really personal.

Aaron is a tax advisory specialist and Aidan is a retail worker.

Visual Jazz Isobar, a digital agency with offices in Melbourne and Sydney, saw promise in the March brothers’ idea after being referred by a friend.

“We were intrigued and impressed with Aaron and Aidan’s idea and enthusiasm,” said Konrad Spliva, Managing Director of Visual Jazz Isobar. “We get approached with ideas all the time and Aaron and Aidan stood out because of how well they’d thought out the app and it’s financial model, the opportunity to lead the category and their passion.”

‘I Am Smarter Than You!’ debuted on Apple’s App store in March and is sold for $0.99. It’s not clear how it has been received. It hasn’t been rated by enough users to earn an App store rating.

But the March brothers are excited and already planning to develop more apps. “Not only could this app be the future of the trivia night, but its success could mean a whole new future for us,” said Aaron.