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    Seven "must knows" about upgrading to Windows 7


    sponsor_post_tileHere are seven things we think all Australian small businesses should know about Windows 7:

    1. Windows 7 is a lot faster than XP and Vista. Our partner, Correct Solutions, estimates a saving of 20-30 mins per person per day because everything works that bit quicker.
    2. You don’t need to buy a new PC to run it. Windows 7 is less “resource hungry” than Vista and requires a minimum 1GHz processor, 1GB memory (RAM) & 16GB hard disk space. If you’re running 512mb RAM then a Computer Troubleshooters engineer can come on-site and install it for cheap. (Tell them PowerBuy referred you for a $20 discount!)
    3. Three versions will be available at launch – Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate. Vista Business and XP Professional users should upgrade to the equivalent Windows 7 Professional Edition.
    4. Vista and XP compatible programs will also work on Windows 7. However, if you plan to run your XP compatible software on Windows 7, make sure you buy the Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate Editions because the Home Premium edition does not support XP backwards compatibility.
    5. Upgrading from XP is not that easy. All of your files, settings and folder structures will be lost when you do a fresh install. Make sure you have the original CDs for your XP-compatible software and back-up all of your files first. The whole process will take hours to complete.
    6. Take advantage of the introductory upgrade pricing. If you’re running XP or Vista you can upgrade for between $200 and $400 per computer (except Home version upgrades). Earlier models will pay full price for v7. Better pricing is available for companies with Microsoft volume license agreements.
    7. If you purchased a laptop or desktop after June 26, 2009 then it’s likely you’ll be entitled to a cheap or free upgrade. You’ll need to register with your manufacturer first, so click here to start.

    For insight on the Windows 7 features relevant to small business users, read: Windows 7 – Which features really matter for small businesses.

    Joel Montgomery is founder of PowerBuy, a coupon and cashback service delivering discounts on technology product purchases for Australian businesses.