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RMIT Activator gives 5 budding tech startups a $100,000 pre-seed funding boost

RMIT Activator Director, Renzo Sacco

Delivering on their promise to support and mentor past and current student, staff and alumni startups, RMIT Activator has announced further pre-seed funding of $100,000 from the Activator Capital Fund, to be split between five of its startup teams.

The announcement brings the startup funding from the Activator Capital Fund to $800,000, of a total $7 million dedicated to financially supporting startups.

Since its inception, RMIT Activator has delivered entrepreneurial experiences to more than 1,000 people – a great cause for celebration, ahead of its first year anniversary in November.

This most recent funding round saw five technology-focused startups take the spotlight, receiving up to $25,000 each.

Who has been funded by RMIT Activator?

The successful startup teams are:

  • Trendy Rhino – a self-serve marketplace that allows businesses to share branded content endorsements within Facebook groups.
  • Digital Yield – uses innovative disruptive technology to support farmers, protecting the quality and fertility of their land
  • EyeCura– turns old mobile devices into a secure and scalable monitoring and interaction system where customer privacy is the top priority
  • Curio – a web platform that helps researchers host and advertise their research studies in an engaging context, making research universally accessible and useful to all
  • Versatile Tech– provides restaurants with a complete solution to online ordering with an integrated point of sale system.

With one in two young Australians now wanting to start their own business, RMIT Activator is an initiative of the university that empowers the RMIT community to be ready for life and work.

Available to all RMIT students, staff and alumni, RMIT Activator unlocks access to a range of free skill-up sessions, events, workshops, coaching, mentoring, professional partnerships and funding as well as access to a state of the art co-working space located in the heart of RMIT’s CBD Campus.

To date, the university’s enterprise creation efforts has helped create over 3,000 new business enterprises, with approximately 90% remaining in operation for over 15 months.

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