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Research: Caffeine consumption can reverse Alzheimer’s


Researchers at Florida’s Alzheimer’s Research Centre have revealed that increased caffeine intake in mice can prevent and even reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s.

This news bodes well for we caffeine-obsessed humans who don’t get much done prior to our first cup of Joe and can’t make it through the afternoon without a second.

Dr Gary Arendash and his team of Floridian researchers were careful to point out that the results might not be as effective in humans. But that’s a mere footnote, as we now have scientific evidence that two strong cups of coffee a day keeps the fog away.

Dr Arendash also made a point of questioning past statements about the pernicious health effects of coffee consumption, saying (really quickly), “For individuals who take in caffeine on a regular basis, what we would call habitual caffeine or coffee users, there really isn’t any substantial evidence showing increase in blood pressure or increase in arrhythmias occurring.”

Photo: ernestfigueras (flickr)