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Read this in Morgan Freeman’s voice: When big data came, riding a cab was never the same again


Big data. Is that just another tech term? Far from it! That right there is the next generation of business intelligence that is transforming how we do everything – from online banking and grocery shopping to catching cabs.

goCatch™, Australia’s number one ranking taxi booking app (according to the App Store), will soon start using big data technology to improve the taxi booking experience of its users across the country.

goCatch has joined forces with leading business management software solution provider SAP, to make taxi travel easier for Australian customers. Who needs a car when I can have a five star ride?

Using the powerful SAP technology HANA, goCatch will be able to provide real-time data analytics and accurate predictions of taxi collection times.  goCatch CEO Andrew Campbell, said the HANA technology will enable goCatch to spot trends and respond faster to taxi demands.

“Using the HANA technology will set us apart from traditional taxi booking systems,” Campbell said.

“It’s our competitive advantage – passengers and drivers will benefit from the app’s improved booking certainty. Big data enables real-time and predictive analysis. With the HANA technology we’ll have visibility over when and where taxi demand is peaking, enabling us to ‘predict’ taxi demand “hot spots.”

“Based on this, we can plan for periods of peak demand by incentivising taxi drivers to collect passengers,” he concluded.

According to goCatch, a number of large Australian companies in Australia are now adopting big data analytics, but uptake among smaller businesses has remained low.

“Eventually all companies will be reliant on big data. Without it, it will be impossible to remain competitive. This is the next generation of business intelligence.” Campbell said.

“Big data is critical to the future of the Australian taxi industry because it ensures better customer service and more accurate job data for taxi drivers. Using this technology will create more certainty for drivers and passengers – something that the taxi networks are unable to guarantee,” he added.

goCatch is a privately owned Australian company based in Sydney. Founded by Andrew Campbell and Ned Moorfield in January 2011, goCatch secured investment from a group of successful technology entrepreneurs and was supported by government funding from the NSW Department of Trade and Investment.