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Online marketing: Easier with MailChimp integration, and affordable


Online marketing is one of the hotspots for entrepreneurship, considering its soaring growth and huge potential.

Software companies from IBM downwards have built up numerous offerings that help businesses fine-tune their online campaigns, include social media, and provide monitoring for efficient targeting.

However, small businesses still suffer from limited choices and high cost. This segment is the sweet spot for startups such as Revenizer.

The year-old U.S. startup, has focused on providing an intelligent dashboard service for small businesses that don’t have the financial resources for expensive software, or the time to analyse online marketing campaigns.

Its advisor, especially for the Australian market, is our own James Tuckerman, Anthill’s publisher.

Mail marketing edge

Last week, the company added MailChimp’s mail marketing service to its arsenal. This integration incorporates email campaign stats and email list growth into the Revenizer dashboard, helping businesses assess the efficacy of email marketing efforts.

Among other things, clients can monitor multiple email lists, the number of new subscribers and those who unsubscribed, and even count the number of people who opened or clicked their messages.

“We look for partners in key marketing categories that focus on helping users get the most of their applications with great design, data-driven performance management and excellent user support. MailChimp ticked all those boxes,” said Revenizer CEO and founder Phil Rogers, who started his first marketing company, New Zealand Bloom, in 1992.

Revenizer said the integration also brings new benefits to MailChimp users. For example, it can highlight to users ways to “get a 17% increase in click-through rates through A/B testing,” with a link to MailChimp’s video on how to use their A/B Testing feature. Or that “78% of business people use their mobile device to check email,” with, say, links to MailChimp’s numerous mobile optimized email campaign templates.

The MailChimp-Revenizer integration is financed by MailChimp’s $1 million Integration Fund.

Right now, Revenizer is offering sign-ups free for a year.

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