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Online Dating for Start-Ups? Sounds like Crowdsurfa to me


If you’re a fan of online dating, and you wish finding a great business partner was just as easy, you would love this new startup that decided to give the matching game a big twist.

Say hello to Crowdsurfa, the Australian startup that has developed an online platform connecting passionate entrepreneurs with skilled co-founders. The first of its kind, Crowdsurfa helps you find someone with specific skills to share your vision and take your start-up into its next phase.

And no, you don’t need a sultry profile picture.

Would Crowdsurfa solve the talent dilemma?

Growing a start-up isn’t just about getting a big chunk of investment. Cash, without the necessary skills and brains, is really just a pile of money going to waste.

It seems like Crowdsurfa has a straightforward answer to the talent dilemma. Entrepreneurs simply need to list their project and specify the top skills that they require in a partner, and how much equity they’re entitled to. Once the project is listed, it would be live for 21 days and like-minded individuals can apply for the project by sending a resume through.

It’s online dating for start-ups. But instead of “outgoing”,”loves pets”, and “funny”, think “ IT Development”, “Engineering”, and “Marketing”.

If the best things in life are free, then Crowdsurfa comes really close. In the BETA version, posting a project will only cost one cent.

Turning a problem into a solution seems to be a common entrepreneurial theme.

The impetus behind Crowdsurfa seems clear. The entrepreneurs, who count the company as their 15th idea that they’ve worked on, certainly know what it’s like to have a great idea, only to struggle to get it off the ground.

Co-founder, Vache Aknian, identified a problem in the start-up space and decided it was time to help people like himself find like-minded partners.

“We identified a need in the start-up space – passionate individuals to help you grow your business idea. With a vested interest in the company, the skills you need and a tool to connect you, we hope to influence ongoing growth of homegrown talent and make sure no great idea ever suffers,” he said.

Well, I’m all in favour of start-ups that help make other start-ups possible.