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Nike, Power-Laces and the race for sneakers like Marty McFly [VIDEO]


Any fan of the 1980s hit movie franchise Back to the Future will remember Marty McFly’s autolacing Nike Air 2015 Kicks. It seems that the R&D machine at Nike could be five years ahead of schedule, filing patents throughout 2009 for a an “Article of Footware with Lighting System” that is not too different from the fictional original.

Marty McFly with Auto-Lacing Sneakers, Back to the Future

Nike Patents Article of Footware with Lighting System

Source: World Intellectual Property Organization
Hat-tip: Engagenet (via Paul Ryan)

But it may have been pipped to the post

It seems that Nike may not be the first solve this most pressing need (among pirates and inattentive carpenters). San Francisco innovator Blake Bevan is seeking contributions through startup funding portal KickStarter for her Power Laces invention.

Power Laces by Blake Bevan

The inventor is seeking $25,000 in $50 instalments and, so far, has raised US$2,849.

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