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All I want for Christmas is a tech free holiday


Are you suffering from tech intoxication?

Are you the type to habitually work whilst on holiday? Find yourself checking in on the company Facebook and Twitter accounts while on leave?

Well, these “bad” habits are easy to get caught up in. Those of us who work in the digital realm always find it hard to leave work at work. I know I do. (Heck, I’m on the beach right now – okay, not really – but I’d like to be.)

Although most of us are living proof that workers never really get a break, a new study has put the good old scientific method to the issue. Once again, our intuitions are proven.

Recently released, the 2012 Stayz Holiday Habits Report reveals that Australians are struggling to escape work or resist heavy use of social media while on annual leave, often to the detriment of relationships with their travelling companions. Commissioned by Australia’s leading holiday rental website Stayz.com.au, the research was conducted by Nielsen and surveyed 8,900 Australians.

So what did the survey confirm, exactly?

  • Almost half of the Aussie workforce is called by colleagues while trying to take a holiday
  • About a quarter of respondents said that working on vacation causes arguments with companions
  • More than half of the workers said that they check their business email at least once per day, even on leave
  • Around a third said that they invest more than 15 minutes in checking business email while on holiday
  • 42 per cent say that they spend more than 15 minutes in social media sites
  • More than half hit up the social networks more at least once per day

The survey also shows that these activities are a big obstacle for significant others and other travel companions. In fact, about a third say that use of mobile devices and other tech basically ruins every holiday for them. Bummer.

So, what do you think? Are Australian’s (and everyone else, for that matter) entirely too addicted to technology and too committed to work? Are we actually hurting ourselves, and those around us, by immersing ourselves in tech and work, work and tech, all day, everyday? Do we all just need a technological detox? Share your comments in the space below. Let’s see where the Anthillian masses stand on the issue!

But for now, we need a holiday! (Yes, I went there)