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New report from Vamp reveals how marketers will work with influencers in 2020


As the influencer marketing industry matures, the relationship between brands and creators is evolving.

With new opportunities (Instagram’s Branded Content Ads and shoppable posts) and challenges (hidden likes and fake followers), emerging all of the time, the influencer space is changing fast.

A new survey of marketers, from influencer marketing platform Vamp, set out to find out how the two are collaborating, what marketers prioritise and where they had seen success.

Among the findings:

80% said that influencer-generated assets performed the same – or better – than brand-created assets. Whether it’s better engagement, more swipe ups or more leads generated, the marketers said that influencer content delivers, even better than what they created themselves. 

41% of marketers have saved budget on content creation by engaging influencers. Suggesting that not only does this content perform, but it’s actually a more cost effective solution for brands than traditional agencies.

84% said they reuse influencer content elsewhere in the marketing channels. Out of home advertising, on e-commerce sites and in visual merchandising were all on the list, but social ads topped the chart. 60% of marketers had repurposed influencer content to make social ads.

43% of marketers said the quality of an influencer’s content was their prime concern when choosing a collaborator. That’s over their reach and their engagement. With the switch from the chronological feed, the Instagram algorithm prioritises quality content. Images and videos that other users have spent time with and engaged with. By investing in quality content brands stand a better chance in their influencer’s content being seen.

Download the full report here.