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Mother’s Day survey to gain insight into what mums really care about, with a $1,000 care pack to be won


Mums can have their voice heard and share their dream Mother’s Day, post-pandemic, via a new survey created by three Australian female entrepreneurs.

Is the usual Mother’s Day routine giving mums what they really want?

Following a year of lock downs, home schooling, job losses, physical, mental and emotional fatigue.

Kelly Jamieson, Managing Director of Edible Blooms, Rhian Allen, Founder of Healthy Mummy and Monica Meldrum, Founder of Whole Kids, have joined up to help solve this question.

Together, they have created a platform where mums can have their say and answer the important question – how do mums want to celebrate their day? Is it with gifts, an experience or a day without household chores and expectations?

“Mum’s want to feel special on Mother’s Day!” said Kelly Jamieson, from Edible Blooms.

Kelly, Rhian and Monica developed the survey following conversations around the concept of a ‘mum burnout’ and the extra pressure created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Speaking to friends, colleagues and family, it was clear that a lot of mums were experiencing a burnout having to juggle work, family, household chores, with little or no time for themselves.” Said Rhian Allen, Healthy Mummy.

The survey focuses on how Australian mums are currently feeling and what children, and partners, can do to make them feel special, appreciated and relaxed.

It is about amplifying the voice of mums and gaining a better understanding of what will support their happiness and mental wellbeing this Mother’s Day.

“Do mums want the day to themselves and have a break from it all, or is spending the day with family more important given everything we went through last year?”

“How is the celebration of motherhood and family more important than ever?” asks Monica Meldrum, Whole Kids.