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Meet SocialCheck.com, Anthill 2014 Cool Company Award WINNER [Online]


Anthill Cool Company Awards

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SocialCheck.com [WINNER, ONLINE]

Company: SocialCheck.com
Website: www.socialcheck.com
State: NSW
Category: Online Business

SocialCheck.com is a company that reminds you of a somewhat uncomfortable fact of life in the digital age.

You are being judged online. All the time.

Everyone from prospective employers to prospective dates are checking out your social media profiles.

SocialCheck.com helps you put your best face forward. The company aims to help individuals present themselves online in an authentic but compelling way. This is done by building awareness and understanding of how to create a professional persona online and stand out… in a good way!

“We have developed an automated report that analyzes a person’s presence across key social platforms, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus,” SocialCheck.com founder, David Griffiths, recently explained to Anthill.

“We score it, benchmark it, analyze for sentiment, profanity, spelling etc, recommend how to improve it and have created content (tips, tricks, videos how-to guides) to enable them to action those recommendations.”

Social Check targets two separate customer segments: the consumer market and the corporate market. It engages in a two-prong approach to do this. 

The company’s marketing strategy begins with engaging a general branding and PR strategy, as well as implementing a sophisticated digital marketing strategy. Eventually, the company will target each of the segments with very specific, focused activities.

“At the core of what we do, is the belief that the first impression people have of an individual, a job candidate, colleague, the leadership team and thus ones’ business now occurs online,” added David.

“Everyone is being looked at, by recruiters, clients, potential clients, staff, shareholders, journalists, potential employees and or competitors. People who don’t present themselves in a compelling way online are simply missing out on opportunities.”

SocialCheck.com helps you hammer out the kinks in your social presence.

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