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Meet Progressclaim.com, Anthill 2015 Cool Company Awards Winner


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Anthill Cool Company Awards

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Progressclaim.com [WINNER, ONLINE]

Company: Progressclaim.com
Website: www.progressclaim.com
State: VIC
Category: Online

For many years, Progressclaim.com Founder Lincoln Easton worked as a CFO in the construction industry and continually found himself drowning in paperwork, primarily due to progress claims. He understood firsthand the frustration of being unable to process a claim because of simple irregularities in the paperwork.

He also often found himself on the receiving end of subcontractor fury as the payment process was held up. He knew there could be a much easier, simpler process.

This is why he launched Progressclaim.com, to get everyone collaborating and working together via a simple online management platform, like Xero or Aconex but for construction companies and their subbies.

This cool company is designed to enable contract parties to administer payment claims collaboratively online. The current claims process is very manual with differing systems that don’t talk to each other. Progressclaim.com provides a common and secure process, with everyone on the same page.

For the first time, players in the building industry can submit and approve conforming claims online in just seconds.

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