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Meet Dsync, Anthill 2015 Cool Company Awards Finalist


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Anthill Cool Company Awards

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Company: Dsync
Website: http://dsync.com
State: NSW
Category: Innovation

Dsync is a system integration tool.

What does that mean? Well, almost every piece of software on your computer, or almost SaaS system that you use, has its own language.

Yet, often these tools need to speak with one another. But they can’t. This causes problems.

Dsync has built a “super blender” that translates and synchronizes data between systems. It provides users with a wizard, a step by step process to help join, link, preview and set rules so that systems can communicate.

Traditional system integration is extremely expensive. It requires coders and developers. Dsync has developed a system integration platform that is affordable, easy to use and requires no programming skills. It’s secure, scalable and, here is the kicker, it works with nearly any system, provided it can communicate.

Dsync is the brainchild of Co-Founders Simon Church and Martin Novak. Simon met Martin when both working at Temando. Simon was a founding affiliate and an investor. Martin left Temando in 2014 to live in a remote Thailand Jungle. When a giant French company put some serious cash into Temando. Simon took the opportunity to hunt Martin down via a specialized tracking device called Skype. (Hah!) The pair realized that small to medium businesses could not afford the high cost of system integration and went on a mission to build a world class system integration tool for small to medium businesses.

So, what does Dsync run on?

Simon Church recently told Anthill, “A constant supply of Jelly beans, Aldi coffee and lines of Cadbury chocolate. Oh, and boost bars.”

That’s not what we were asking… but that’s cool.

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