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Look, up in the sky, Brisbane: tablet magazines set for takeoff


Tablet-based magazines are taking flight all over Australia, thanks to a Brisbane-based publisher.

Inflight Publishing, which produces inflight magazines for small- and medium-sized commercial airlines, is replacing its printed magazines with their digital counterparts.

The digital magazines will be available only on special tablets handed out to passengers during a flight. The reading materials aren’t just limited to articles; passengers will also be able to enjoy videos and special offers relating to their destination.

Director and founder of Inflight Publishing, Patrick McElligott, said switching out print for digital presented a challenge.

“We wanted to make sure everyone onboard could enjoy the publications while they’re up in the air. There’s no Wi-Fi or 3G, so we said, ‘Let’s make the tablet the magazine.’”

Liquid State: Up in the air

The project is supported by digital publishing startup, Liquid State, whose publishing system is used to produce the magazines.

Liquid State CEO, Philip Andrews, said the new magazines present an exciting idea for digital publishing.

“We were happy to tailor a solution for Inflight because it’s truly a unique project. The whole concept of the tablet as the magazine has never really been possible before, but it’s a great opportunity for publishers.”

Urging frequent fliers to be frequent readers

McElligott is also enthusiastic. “Publishing is changing, but you can still hold readers’ attention and provide a place for relevant advertising. You just have to know how people want to interact with what you’re making.”

Flights featuring the tablet-based magazines are already taking off from Brisbane. Inflight Publishing partners with airlines which typically charter flights with 30 seats or less, and which offer no digital inflight entertainment.

Currently, five airlines carry the new tablets, with several more showing interests.

A launch platform

The Liquid State platform is cloud-based and makes for a simple, fast and economical way to produce and publish content to mobile devices.

The company recently raised $785,000 by way of angel investment and a government grant. Liquid State was also recently given the High-Growth Business Startup Award at the Lord Mayor’s Business Awards in Brisbane.

Sounds like their taking “high-growth” to new heights. Literally.