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Listen up, it’s the Apple of your ear. How Apple redesigned in-ear headphones [VIDEO]


The much vaunted iPhone 5 has arrived, and as expected, sold out within hours.

In all of the hoopla of the iPhone 5 launch, and with it, an improved iTunes, iPod Touch and iPod Nano, one little accessory didn’t get much attention. The iPhone and new iPods come with an entirely new in-ear headphones, or earpods.

In this video, Johnny Ive, the lead designer at Apple, explains how the earpods were built, and just why this under appreciated accessory is, in itself, an epic design feat.

Apple continues to be a veritable product producing machine. At that single event last week, the company announced four new versions of core products. Is there another company that has churned out such a high volume of new products, without losing any of its design features, integrity and usefulness?

But, ultimately, its attention to the detailed design of everything, from the packaging to its accessories, that sets Apple apart. This alone goes a long way to explain why this once flailing company is now valued at around $650 billion.

How Apple Built The New EarPods for iPhone 5