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    Kogan Pantry is disrupting the supermarket duopoly and adding inches back to your wallet


    Finally, we may have the supermarket revolution that Australians have been waiting for.

    Kogan.com, the country’s biggest online retailer, recently launched Kogan Pantry, a new service to help Australians have groceries delivered to their door for less.

    How much less? That is the question

    While you shouldn’t be expecting to have fresh lettuce delivered to your doorstep soon, Kogan Pantry is launching with over 600 products from some of the world’s most trusted brands available at heavily discounted prices.

    According to Kogan, savvy shoppers can save over 80% and have their groceries delivered directly to their door. This could be game-changing for people who would rather not suffer long queues at the cashiers or be swayed by colourful displays of candies. Though it could also be said that it’s far easier to click an item into your online cart.

    Based on a sample basket of 20 popular items, Aussies will apparently save over 50% when compared with Coles or Woolworths. Not every item would be significantly cheaper than that in the supermarket duo, but some indispensable items seem to cost significantly less.

    For example, a Colgate toothpaste which costs between $8-10 at the supermarkets, is selling at Kogan Pantry for $1. Or, the same pack of laundry powder that costs about $15 at Coles or Woolworths is selling at $7 at Kogan.

    We say take out the middleman, and save us some money.

    Kogan’s aim is to cut out the middlemen to ensure supply-chain efficiency and the absolute lowest prices possible, as it has done with other categories of goods.

    David Shafer, Executive Director of Kogan.com, said it was an exciting expansion for the company and a great win for Australian shoppers.

“We are bringing our years of experience in online shopping to grocery and pantry items, delivering Australians amazing prices well below average retail prices.

 Kogan.com is famous for quality products at massive discounts and our aim is to bring those same savings to a core range of everyday household items and non-perishable groceries.”

    Shafer also added that the Aussie supermarket duopoly has double or triple the margins of international peers like Tesco, Costco and Carrefour.

“For far too long Australia has had to put up with a supermarket duopoly.

    In 1975, Coles and Woolworths accounted for just 34 percent of the market, by 2009 that share was up to 78 percent. While Coles and Woolies certainly offer a fantastic selection of products, and are an important part of the Australian economy, the Aussie duopoly also has some of the highest profit margins of any supermarkets in the world.

    Apart from removing the middlemen, another key to Kogan’s low-pricing lies in how it sources its products.

    “We’ve secured fantastic deals on products from the world’s leading grocery brands like Dove, Colgate, Palmolive, Pringles, Powerade, Gillette, Heinz, and more,” said Shafer.

    We’re up for anything that shakes up the market and saves us the money. Let’s see what’s next in Kogan’s sleeves.