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Keep your freebies, Aussie tweeps are not interested. So, what do they want then?


A study shows that Australians are far more likely to have a genuine interest in the brands they follow on Twitter than their counterparts in the UK, Germany and Brazil.

ExactTarget’s 2013 Global Executive Summary shows how consumers’ online habits vary across the globe and reveals that motivations to ‘follow’ on Twitter vary from country to country.

The top reason for following a brand or organisation on Twitter in Australia was ‘to keep up to date with a company’s products’ (45 per cent) shortly followed by ‘to receive alerts related to developments within the organisation’ (36 per cent). Talk about taking Twitter seriously…

In fact, only the French are more likely to follow a brand to keep up to date with its products (47 per cent). The top reasons from the other countries surveyed were:

  • Brazil: ‘to receive discounts’ (49 per cent) No discounts here? Well, no follow-back for you!
  • UK: ‘for more information related to my personal interests, hobbies, etc.’ (42 per cent)
  • Germany: ‘to receive alerts related to developments within the company’ (27 per cent)

Lee Hawksley, managing director of ExactTarget Australia said, “While only six per cent of the online Australian consumers follow brands on Twitter, Twitter followers are networkers, leaders and influencers that Australian businesses can’t afford to ignore.”

Twitter users are less motivated by discounts and freebies than fans on Facebook or email subscribers. Twitter is viewed as an important place for gathering information—including product and service updates, advanced notice of new products, alerts related to developments within the company, exclusive content and information related to hobbies and interests. Brand managers out there, are you guys taking notes?

Lee Hawksley added, “When using Twitter, remember to consider your audience. Consumers want to be heard—especially the influential users on Twitter who follow your brand. Provide them with an intimate view of your brand, so they can share their “insider information” with the rest of the world. Also keep in mind that many online consumers are monitoring Twitter, even if they are not actively participating.”

Australians are also among the top consumers for engaging with brands on Facebook, creating a tremendous opportunity to connect with fans on an individual level and drive engagement that builds loyalty and brand advocates. More than 50 per cent of Australian consumers Like a brand on Facebook, compared to 77 per cent in Brazil and 45 per cent in the U.K.