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Isn’t it high time your million-dollar idea left the sketch pad?


Sketchbook Ventures is a new Australian start-up incubator under The Catch Group. The Catch Group was founded by entrepreneurial brothers Gabby and Hezi Leibovich in 2006, with a mission to bring fun back to shopping. Shopping is always fun, as long as I am not paying.

Sketchbook Ventures has already chalked up its first successful venture in Vinomofo, an online wine deals site which was recently sold to a consortium of private investors for an undisclosed sum.

What kind of ventures is Sketchbook Ventures interested in?

Founder Hezi Leibovich says successful applicants are usually an individual or a team that have managed to:

  • build a product to a stage that it can demonstrated
  • convincingly explain what problem they can solve with it
  • exhibit a realistic understanding of the potential market size
  • show why they do it better than anyone else trying to solve it
  • demonstrate passion for their product and hunger for success

How exactly does Sketchbook Ventures help?

“We work closely with the founder(s) and establish a great team around them; plug them to the mothership of resources and then let them do their magic. We are always there, day to day, side by side, if they need,” said Leibovich.

“Once the startup can stand on its two feet, is profitable and has gained extraordinary momentum, we will work out how to gain maximum value for the founders and for ourselves. If we see there is more value to keep it within our group, then we do,” Leibovich added.

“If we find that the startup is more valuable to another party, we will always follow the path that leads to more value. We always make sure our vision and interests are aligned with those of the founders from the get go,” he concluded.

What are the benefits of this Sketchbook Ventures program?

Throughout the program, your startup will be able to tap into a wide array of resources as part of the huge The Catch Group family, allowing to practically grow overnight. These resources include:

  • Access to one of Australia’s largest consumer databases
  • Access to one of the best established vendor networks, be it product or service
  • Access to full scale IT, Marketing, HR, Creative, Finance, Legal, Operations, PR departments.
  • Funding – there is no limit. Sketchbook Ventures will invest the amount required to test, prove and scale.
  • A team of people that “have done it before” to tap into on a daily basis for skills, advice and direction.
  • Wide external networks locally and globally for you to tap into

So, if you think you have what it takes to sweep the Sketchbook Ventures founders off their feet, find out more. Get cracking, Anthillians!

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