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Aussie brand is helping the iPhone 5 go topless, fully exposed, and eager for your touch. Ooher!


All that, and it’s ready to get wet, too.

Dog & Bone’s rugged Wetsuit iPhone 5 case is the first waterproof mobile phone case world-wide to leave the phone screen uncovered for direct touch and developers say this is a major advantage when it comes to touch screen sensitivity.

With its patent pending technology, the Wetsuit iPhone 5 is waterproofed with dual sealing beads running the full perimeter of the phone, avoiding the need for additional plastic membranes over the screen.

The Wetsuit case is waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof shockproof, exceeds Military standards to withstand drops of up to two metres. It also boasts an IP68 rating – the highest level of ingress protection from water and dust.

WETSUIT White Lime (1)
waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof shockproof

Maximum sensitivity

Dog & Bone Founder, Lee Ranchod, says after rigorous design and testing to develop Wetsuit, he is delighted today to bring this product to market.

“The patent pending mobile phone membrane system is a smart solution to the much-complained-about problem of touch screen sensitivity with front enclosed waterproof cases,” Ranchod says.

“Too often we have heard iPhone users complain they are re-typing letters or sending nonsensical text messages because the film covering their phone’s screen is interfering.”

“With an IP68 rating, your phone dressed in a Wetsuit can safely be fully submerged in water up to two metres, and this can be done for half an hour at a time,” continues Ranchod.

“Smartphones are great for capturing spontaneous photos and I’m looking forward to doing more of this – rain, hail or shine!”

Ranchod says the Wetsuit case provides utmost protection, yet within a slim, compact and stylish exterior for daily use.

“The beauty about a slim line rugged waterproof case such as this that’s also dirt proof, snow proof, sand proof and shockproof, is that you can use it to go to the pool or the beaches, putt around the garden, or work on a construction site, but you can equally use it as an everyday case.”

Ready for your revue

Just think, swimmers and storm chasers can go all natural in their passions with the Wetsuit iPhone 5. Where will you take yours?