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Interior design will never be the same again thanks to virtual reality [INFOGRAPHIC]


Have you ever wanted to see how a living space would look after renovation, as in really seeing how it would look? Don’t feel like you have to rely on your imagination or some calculated guesswork to get a picture – see it for yourself through virtual reality technology!

This infographic from HalfPrice.com.au explores how VR is changing the way we approach interior design. It doesn’t seem like all that long ago since VR was thought of as something that only existed in computer games. Now, it encompasses many facets of life, interior design chief among them.

How does it work? You enlist the services of an interiors company, who will generate a VR version of the living space to be renovated. You then slip on some VR goggles and you’ll get a full picture of how the whole room will look. That’s when you can decide whether to go with the mooted design if it’s all good or request changes if you’re not happy with how a proposed design is mapped out.

Renovations will be costly, so rather than speculatively blowing your hard-earned money, try out VR to get the home you truly want and save a lot of money and headaches later.

The-Power-of-Virtual-Reality-in-Interior-Design -Infographic