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Will this innovation usher real estate marketing into the digital age? [VIDEO]


Innovative new outdoor advertising solution, Cody Live, has launched the first live digital StoryBoards for the real estate market, and is set to shake up the real estate industry and shift the way Australians sell their properties.

Cody Live was founded by sign guru Pierce Cody, who has more than 33 years’ experience in the advertising and media industry having founded Cody Outdoor (now APN Outdoor), Australia’s largest outdoor advertising business.

Cody Live StoryBoards are the first signage for real estate that operate with cutting-edge wireless technology, meaning that displays can be updated anytime, and anywhere externally.

The high-quality and stylish display units allow sellers to showcase an unlimited amount of interactive content including high-resolution images, floor plans and video, something which has never been possible until now. The StoryBoards are also three times brighter than any ultra high-definition television, massively attracting the attention of passers-by.

Cody Live offers a range of freestanding and wall mounted units for residential homes and commercial property. The sleek, slimline design of the StoryBoards mean that they can be mounted on any surface, from hills and uneven ground, to fences and brick walls.

41 Wallaroy Road Cody LiveWhat does this mean for Australian real estate?

Pierce remarked that the StoryBoards are a huge step for real estate marketing saying they are the newest trend in the technology migration from print to digital.

“Real estate agents should capitalise on the technological evolution from static to digital signage by using StoryBoards. It’s a natural evolution, similar to the way we now read our news on tablet instead of buying a newspaper. Digital is the way forward.

Pierce Cody
Pierce Cody

“They give vendors and agents added choice and greater control on how their property can be best presented in the marketplace, providing unrivalled on-street impact.

“What’s more they’re affordable for the everyday Australian looking to sell their property. They come at just a fraction of the cost above ordinary illuminated boards and increase impact significantly.

65 Bay Street Double Bay Cody Live“Cody Live StoryBoards are a magnificent tool to promote all the benefits of a property with over 10 to 30 slides using wireless connectivity on weather-proof boards. There’s nothing else like it in the real estate industry.

“Each StoryBoard has its own secure narrowcast channel via which content is shared on a wireless connection, making content changes instantaneous. A great example is that we’ve recently had an agent running late to an inspection. He simply uploaded a message to the board telling buyers he would be 20 minutes late.

“Other examples include being able to update auction times or, if it’s a wet day, you can change the images used to market the home to highlight appealing indoor features; a hot day, promote the swimming pool. Simple.”

24 Northland Street Cody LiveThis Live signage is the beginning of what’s to come from Cody Live in the wider marketing/advertising space. “We intend to roll out to Victoria and Queensland in the next couple of months. We’re also looking into sourcing patents internationally,” Pierce told Anthill.

See the Cody Live Story Boards in action below