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How to use the techniques of computer games to motivate staff and influence client behaviour [ACADEMY COURSE]


Dr Jason Fox is an expert in motivation strategy and design, and all things gamification. Dr Fox works with companies all over the world, showing them how to use gameplay to influence behaviour and make things happen.

He also happens to be a former Level 40 Blood Elf who spent his doctoral degree years killing boars, picking daisies, and working as an alchemist in the Elf Guild. (Of course, we are talking about World of Warcraft.)

In this Anthill Academy course, Dr Fox discusses gamification and motivation with Anthill’s James Tuckerman. Dr Fox shares his insights on using game-layer theory to motivate ourselves, our customers and influence the behaviours of others.

Insights from this course:

  1. People will actuall PAY YOU to do well designed work. Seriously.
  2. Games already happen in your office. Here’s how to harness them.
  3. Don’t make things easy. Easy is boring. Create incremental challenges!

Three ways to gamify your business:

  • ACADEMY ANTBITE: How to apply game-layer theory to conquer content creation
  • ACADEMY ANTBITE: How to apply game-layer theory to master decisionship
  • ACADEMY ANTBITE: How to apply game-layer theory to recruit passionate people

PART#1: How to use gamification to influence behaviour.

PART#2: The Evolution of Gamification and  Motivation

Still not quite sure what this gamification stuff is all about? Dr Fox breaks it down and talks about the future of motivation. What level are you on Dr Fox’s Evolution of Motivation chart?

PART#3: The Dangers & Darkside of Gamification

In this online tutorial, Dr Fox highlights some of the problems with rewards and loyalty cards. He also shares the dangerous darkside of confusing playfulness with gamification.



REFERENCE MATERIAL: “Fun Theory: Stairs”, Volvo

REFERENCE MATERIAL: “Fun Theory: Rubbish”, Volvo

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Meet the Mentor, Dr Jason Fox

Dr Jason Fox is an award winning speaker and motivation design expert on a quest to liberate the world from poorly designed processes and work. By the age of 25, he had completed a PhD, written two books and lectured at three universities. Now, he shows forward-thinking leaders how to use motivation science and game design to boost productivity, influence behaviour, and build for the future of work. Jason has advised the project design of a range of projects – from global strategy of multinational organisations, to helping savvy startups unlock epic progress. When not liberating the world from poorly designed projects and work, Jason enjoys partaking in extreme sports like coffee snobbery and fruit ninja.

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