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Steve Jobs on what separates the dreamers from the do-ers [VIDEO]


This is short video from an 1994 interview with Steve Jobs.

What does Jobs believe separates the dreamers from the do-ers?

He states two things:

  • being willing to ask for help
  • being will to fail

Jobs explains how he rang Bill Hewlett when he was 12, to ask if he had any spare parts he could have, so he could build a frequency counter. Hewlett laughed, sent him some parts and, got Jobs a Summer job working in the assembly line where frequency counters were made.

All this happened for one reason and, one reason only.
Jobs asked.

Imagine if he hadn’t made that call, hadn’t fallen completely in love with technology?

Why did he call? As Jobs so eloquently puts it in this video, “I’ve never known anyone to say no to helping me when I asked.”

Mostly, it’s fear that stops us from asking for help. But, if moving from dreaming to doing can be as simple as asking for help to do something, create something, be something, then … start asking.

(Hat tip to Nick Crocker for the video)


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