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How one new startup is helping small architects go big, and big architects go small. Somehow, it works out for everyone.


Here is something you might not know about the architectural business.

Up until now, big architectural firms had a big advantage over small ones: space.

That is, space to store all those pretty magazines, hefty specification volumes, awkward material samples and intricate data sheets necessary for operating an architectural firm. In the past small players had to be far more selective, or crawl among mountains of mess. Well, not anymore…

Bookmarc is a startup helping to change the game for architectural firms and what they are providing is remarkable – the opportunity to run leaner businesses.

Founded in 2011, Bookmarc helps architectural firms downsize their libraries by helping them put their product research into the digital space.

So easy, a baby could do it

Bookmarc makes it simple for design professionals to seek and source products from Australia and abroad. It lets users build online architectural product libraries by ‘Bookmarc-ing’ binders, images, articles, brochures and CAD drawings in project lists.

12,000 architects, specifiers and designers have already registered with Bookmarc.

How the supply chain works

For the suppliers that opt-in, the Bookmarc has no associated costs. Nada.

In addition to being free to users, Bookmarc costs zip for entry-level business registration. Suppliers pay only for bells and whistles.

Bookmarc currently lists 774 suppliers, 462 binders and 1040 CAD files.

Turning a new page…

The company does not have every supplier, yet. It is off to a flying start and it is quite plausible the entire industry will be on board before long. Moreover, when that happens, Bookmarc’s innovative, first-to-market leading edge may well make it the unassailable category killer.

Bookmarc is all over social media, reaching an increasingly tech-savvy architectural community, and racking up almost 12,000 Facebook likes in the process. The company even takes a swing at Great Gatsby style on its nifty blog.

Implications for other industries?

So, it would seem, Bookmarc is helping small architects go big (in terms of supply chain), and big architects go small (in terms of space needed). Interesting, indubitably.

The construction business is one that still operates heavily in the ‘offline’ world. Every city in the country- heck, the planet – has a network of architects, builders, and remodelers who could all benefit from a model like that of Bookmarc, making the company immediately appreciable.

What about those other digital age holdouts? Can you think of any industries that could benefit from a supply chain shakeup like the one Bookmarc is giving to the architectural world?