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How adding a little something extra can create excitement [VIDEO]


Whisky. In short, there should be more of it.

Ice. While my preference for whisky is to have it straight up, some prefer it on the rocks.

So, if you want it on the rocks, why stick with just the boring old square blocks that come standard with your fridge?

The Japanese have taken ice creation for whisky to a new level. In fact, there are some mighty fine Japanese whisky’s to try too, all from the House of Suntory. (No, don’t think of that awful green melon liqueur from the 90s)

This video is of a Japanese ad for Suntory whisky in general, (try some Nikka) and it uses a little something extra to get your excited. Just in case the thought of a dram of amber awesomeness isn’t enough to make you excited.

Introducing 3D carved ice cubes! Something so simple has become a bit of a sensation. The Japanese have picked up on the trend for interesting ice and made it a huge draw card for its brand.

So the lesson here is, if you’re looking for ways to lift your brand, find a way to add a little pizzaz, with out over complicating it.

Suntory Whisky 3D on the rocks