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Did you know that lobster used to be prison food? How the heck did it end up in classy restaurants? [INFOGRAPHIC]


As recently as the 17th Century, lobster was fed to prisoners and servants – rebranding as an ‘exotic dish’ by railway companies in the late 19th century changed our perception for good.

Furthermore, ‘ancient grains’ – like spelt and kamut wheat – saw sales balloon in 2013, based solely on marketing and consumer perception.

Also, clothing priced at $39 routinely sells better than at $34 or $44, with so-called ‘charm prices’ and the prominence of the number 9 sneakily behind the bargain mentality for consumers.

In the infographic below, the good people over at Vouchercloud explain the ‘perception of value’ – the ways in which marketers, brands and the natural ebb and flow of market prices and supply and demand influence the popularity and price of products over time.

After all, the way we look at food, music and other everyday items can change pretty quickly over time…