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Here is how to correctly optimise your eCommerce site for search engines [INFOGRAPHIC]


Do you think much about how your shopping habits have changed in the last five or ten years? You used to have to go to a physical store to do most, if not all, of your shopping.

But now? You can get your groceries delivered to your doorstep with just a few clicks. You probably use your mobile devices a whole lot in order to get the extras and the necessities such as toilet paper. In fact, over half of U.S. consumers are planning on doing their next shopping excursion without leaving their device behind.

So in order to make your e-commerce site and your products standout, you need to figure out SEO and how it ties in with e-commerce. When are people doing research? How are they comparing prices?

This graphic helps explain some of the basics so that you can move your shopping from the basics to e-commerce amazing-ness.

Your Checklist for Ecommerce SEO Done Right
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