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Heard of the French-born genius granting wishes to every sweet tooth in Australia?


Do you have a soft spot for homemade gourmet soft caramel? Well I have some sweet news for you; your guilty pleasure is now available in whatever flavour your taste buds crave; vanilla, cocoa, cocoa hazelnut and salted butter. Yes, authentic French salted butter caramel right here in Australia.

All this is the work of Caramelicious, an artisan caramel production outfit based in Victoria. All natural, handmade in small batches and slow simmered; these soft and buttery rich gourmet caramels are created to leave any true caramel connoisseur licking their fingers.

Who’s behind this tasty revolution you ask? It’s none other than one Rémi Tremsal. Born and bred in France, he moved to Australia in 2003 to pursue his career as a jockey. However, after a back injury in 2011, he was forced to stay away from the tracks for several months.

So, during his convalescence he indulged into his other passion: cooking! With the help of Breena, his Maritius-born wife, he turned his passion into a “caramelicious” business. Talk about making lemonade when life hands you lemons! Their goal is to turn all non-caramel lovers into caramel connoisseurs with Rémi’s secret recipe handed over 5 generations and love of caramel.

Care is taken to ensure that only the freshest and finest ingredients available are used to hand make their exotic and unique caramels. The products are all natural – no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and are gluten free.

“The production requires a particular timing in order to ensure a perfect, smooth and easy paste to spread.” says Tremsal. These new recipes can be enjoyed with crêpes, grilled bread, brioche and pancakes; they can also sweeten your yogurts and even decorate your deserts. It is up to enjoy the caramel however you want.”

Do you want to see… sorry, taste for yourself? Well if you’re in Melbourne in June, then you can rock up to the Good Food and Wine Show. Otherwise, you can get your carmel fix by shopping online.

I can feel a batch of salted caramel macroons is just what today needs.