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Good news, Melbourne. You are getting more jobs and a new incubator. [VIDEO]


Hey, Melbournites, listen up. If you are feeling bleak this Winter, there is reason to rejoice.

You see, the City of Melbourne is creating more than 70 new jobs in the city. The joyous news stems from a new round of grant funding in support of six startups, three businesses going global, and one growing company. A further 11 businesses will benefit from mentoring, under the provisions afforded by the grant.

The grant even benefits one new incubator. We all know what that means – room for more growth in the Melbourne area is eminent!

Chair of the Economic Development portfolio Councillor Kevin Louey says the Council’s Small Business, Micro Business and Social Enterprise Grant program was a success story spanning nearly two decades.

Say what?

“These grants encourage entrepreneurs to come and be a part of the best business environment in Australia,” said Louey.

“The Council is committed to building the city’s economic prosperity. The business grants program has provided a significant boost to more than 300 businesses since it began. These grants contribute to job creation and help foster innovation.

“Success stories like Koko Black, KeepCup, Mag Nation and Rooftop Cinema were all supported by the City of Melbourne’s grants program, and we hope this latest round of recipients will prove as prosperous.”

  • Grant recipients in this round include
  • APAC Health
  • Ivory Coat Companion Goods
  • Melbournalia
  • Punt Tours Melbourne;
  • Tane Furniture Design
  • Vistek
  • Compliance Master International
  • Evado
  • HealthKit and
  • The Difference Incubator (social enterprise).

Did someone say incubator?

That is right, a new incubator is benefiting from the Melbourne grants. They are The Difference Incubator (TDi), and they are already ramping up their efforts. As TDi’s Bessi Graham explains, this incubator aims to help social enterprises get off the ground comfortably.

Sounds like Bessi is speaking Anthillian, no? For the full details, check out TDi’s official Twitter and watch Bess’ video right here: