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Get a smart phone today at $149 only… No! Come back! I’m not trying to scam you!


Imagine this. A huge 5″ touch screen, snappy dual core processor, front and back camera, dual SIM capability, and access to hundreds of thousands of the latest Android apps. All for $149 only! Hard to believe, right? You are probably even thinking I’m trying to scam you or something, right?

Well, you better believe it because Australian technology brand Kogan recently launched the Kogan Agora Smartphone at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This smart phone ships to 11 countries, including Australia.

However, it is only available direct from the manufacturer at Kogan.com. This move into the mobile hardware space follows the launch of Kogan Mobile, which offers unlimited calls, texts, and 6GB of data for just $29 a month.

Ruslan Kogan, founder and CEO of Kogan.com, said the Kogan Agora was something Australian shoppers were very excited about.

“Up until now, full feature smart phones have only been for the rich. We want to make technology more affordable for everyone. Before today, a decent smart phone would set you back over $500. For most people, that’s more than a week’s salary.”

“We think everyone should be able to afford a great smart phone that has all the main features people want. We spoke to thousands of customers and they all said they want a phone with a large screen that looks stylish, and has access to the latest apps.

And here’s is a fun fact about the price of the Kogan Agora Smartphone. $149 can only get you 22% of an iPhone 4S or, 23% of a Samsung Galaxy Note. So, why not opt for 100% of the Kogan Agora!

“The big brands are going to need a new nappy when they see what we’ve been able to cram into a phone for under $150,” Kogan joked. The man is clearly 149% confident!

If you thought smart phones were everywhere already, just imagine what a lower-priced smart phone is going to do. Market disruption is what Kogan does best. Bringing smart phone technology at a price anyone can afford is most likely going to cause yet more disruption in the market for the big mobile phone companies. Well played Kogan, well played.