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Four things entrepreneurs are really sick of hearing


Entrepreneurship is hard. We all know it and absolutely respect that fact.

Entrepreneurs completely devote themselves to their start-up and face different challenges along the way. So, the biggest question is: Why do they do it? Why do they give up the comfort of having stable job and regular income?

The answer is very simple: they have to follow their passion. But, entrepreneurs work under a lot of stress, face disappointment and often are close to giving up, but their vision gives them the power to keep going.

Then, there are the comments from people who don’t share the same passion. Some times the comments help, other times they are just annoying. So, here are five things that entrepreneurs are sick of hearing.

“It’s too risky!”

Only 10 percent of the world’s population is self-employed. One of the biggest reasons why people are afraid to start their own businesses is the fear of losing everything.

The ability to take a risk is one of the main differences between natural born entrepreneurs and others.

But, in reality, the biggest failure in life is not to try.

Successful entrepreneurs are ready to take all their chances. They are aware of the risk, they have calculated it, it is not necessarily to be reminded of that on daily basis.

Every entrepreneur would be happy if, for once, someone doesn’t feel the need to explain “the risk factor”.

“You may fail”

Fact! Every entrepreneur may fail.

And you know what? Most entrepreneurs expect that there will be failures along the way. Note that word, failures. With an s.

Failure is part of the success. An entrepreneur learns from what failed and keep going.

When the idea is that big and the passion is that strong, there is no fear of failure that can stop a successful entrepreneur.

“Give yourself a break”

Working on start-up business is not a piece of cake. It takes a lot of time, effort, leads to many extra hours of work.

It doesn’t make it easier for any entrepreneur if someone points that in their faces.

“Oh, you are always working! Why don’t you go out with your friends that often anymore? When was the last time you gave yourself a break?”

An entrepreneur is are aware that most of their time will be dedicated to the job. They are the CEO, the CFO, the HR manager.
In the early days, they are the company.

“It must be cool to be the boss”

Yes, it is cool. But it’s also a huge responsibility.

The idea of the boss figure that walks around the office doing very little and then takes a long lunch, before heading home on the dot of 5pm is a myth.

Entrepreneurs are busy 24/7, they come to work first and leave last. They are definitely are not mucking around all day long.

There are so many more comments that are made to entrepreneurs but point out the risk, chance of failure, working too hard and the misconceptions about being a boss, are among the most annoying.