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Five tips to master the art of continuous learning


When we’re at our best in business, we not only see our company grow, but also our self confidence, motivation and spirits lift.

When this scenario occurs we can either go one of two ways: We can become complacent and repeat current processes; or we can become hungry to learn more and to take our professional development to the next level.

To learn more and to be our best is often put on the back burner. It’s called continuous learning. It is what will set us apart in business.

So, how do we learn more? Most of us don’t realise that a wealth of knowledge, guidance and mentorship is right at our fingertips.

1. Ask for feedback

Asking for feedback from your managers, customers, clients and colleagues is a way to keep yourself on the path to improvement.

When we accept constructive criticism, we can sharpen our skill set.

2. Collaborate with colleagues

Everyone has a different method of engaging with their work. Ask for advice and tips from your colleagues and provide the same in return. Don’t let competitiveness stand in the way.

Sharing experiences among colleagues will allow you to see how others manage their workload and business relationships, giving you a fresh perspective.

3. Invest in coaching and training

Invest in coaching and training to further develop your skills. This will enable you to learn how to be the best, from the best.

Investing in training is the smartest way to keep on top of your game. It will also give you confidence.

4. Read expert opinion pieces

Online blogs and opinion pieces written by experts in their field will keep your mind active and focused on your development.

Taking on tips and advice will give you clarity and wisdom when tackling new projects or obstacles.

5. Approach your employer

When you take an interest in your professional development, your employer is more likely to follow suit.

Ask if they are able to provide you with opportunities to further develop your knowledge, skills and mindset.

Money isn’t always enough when it comes to business and career prospects. Make it a priority to nourish and expand your professional horizons.

Sue Barrett is a sales expert, business speaker, adviser, sales facilitator and entrepreneur and founded Barrett Consulting to provide expert sales consulting, sales training, sales coaching and assessments. Visit www.barrett.com.au