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Designing apps is about to get a whole lot easier


AppSeed went to Kickstarter looking for $30,000 in funding. It raised $44,000.

So, we’re not talking about the millions that Pebble or other hardware devices raised. But, nonetheless, that fact that it raised more than was being requested shows that this company has nailed an opportunity.

What AppSeed has is software that that is going to make every app developer’s life a whole lot easier.

You know how you always begin sketching out what the app will do on paper?

Well, AppSeed allows you to draw on paper, take photos and turn those sketches into a functioning prototype.

Like all good ideas, its genius is in its simplicity.

Easy rapid prototyping for apps is about to become reality.

Those who backed the project on Kickstarter should expect to start playing with this cool tool in January. Everyone else may have to wait a tad longer.

AppSeed – turn a sketch into a functioning prototype