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Why culture is everything: Introducing Tristan White, Founder and CEO at The Physio Co [VIDEO]


I recently sat down with Tristan White, Founder and CEO of The Physio Co.

Tristan describes himself as “A husband, a dad, a blogger & an Ironman triathlete. Also CEO of The Physio Co: Australia’s 5th Best Place to Work.”

Tristan and I don’t talk much about his family life, blogging or triathlons. But we do dig deep under the surface of what makes The Physio Co such a good place to work. As well as being a good place to work, it’s also a fast growing one – increasing rapidly to 70 people.

Here’s some of the very interesting reasons to watch this video:

• You’ve heard of working from home, but how about running a 70 person organisation from home (in Gippsland)?
• How Tristan learnt the hard way that culture comes first
• Replacing performance reviews with the quarterly cultural review
• Building culture across an organisation without an office
• Tristan’s KFC inspired rewards program (MVP or employee of the month)
• Driving 30-40% top line growth every year for ten years
• The culture roadblock the organisation hit at 50 people
• Why the policy policy is critical: “No policy can be more than one page”
• What Tristan wishes he knew on day one

If you like the way Tristan thinks, there’s plenty more on his blog at http://tristanwhite.com.au/


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