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Crowdsourcing is working for Facebook design, can it work for your business, too?


The crowd is changing social media design as much as its changing anything – well, everything else, really.

The great thing that many of us are learning about crowdsourcing is, that good ideas and good designs don’t require the think tanks and research groups of yesteryear.

All it takes nowadays to source a great smattering of eye candy is, frankly, a willing and able crowd.

The social crowd

Case in point: Local agency, Click PR has turned to the Australian crowd startup, Design Crowd, to come up with its latest Facebook designs.

Design Crowd is a local startup that is booming in the design crowdsourcing space. It has over 100,000 designers in its global marketplace, with nearly $10 million in job payments. Businesses now get over 100 ideas per project they post on Design Crowd. That’s choice in abundance!

Click PR chose the crowd sourcing route after witnessing the growth of the industry. It has been estimated that in the business world, there has been a 400 per cent increase in crowdsourcing around the world over the past two years.

Putting the collective to work for… you!

The crowd is increasingly becoming a viable solution for all sorts of business tasks, from graphic design, to app development, and more. And, the advantages are staggering.

Using talent pooled from the crowd is allowing businesses to tap into more ideas and, a stylistic choice, than has ever been afforded by in-house design.

The advantages and the variety of solutions presented by crowd sourcing is shaking up the way businesses look at getting things done.

Faces in the crowd

And, quite possibly, there is more to come. While currently, some business tasks are deemed to be ‘off limits’ to crowd sourcing, that may change.

Many companies, such as Click PR, that have made the leap into crowd sourcing key elements of their business are starting to consider more ways to use crowd sourced services.

It is highly likely that crowd sourcing, as a business service model, is nowhere near to reaching its full potential and, that the best is yet to come.