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    Our clients don’t work with us to better understand numbers and charts,
    they work with us to better understand people and markets.

    This might sound like a simple concept,
    but true intelligence often is.

    Colmar Brunton

    Colmar Brunton is Australia’s largest independent ad-hoc market research agency.

    It’s a lot like Anthill, a highly innovative company at the forefront of its field.

    With offices in every mainland state of Australia including the ACT plus Singapore, Colmar Brunton understands the local Australian market, with the added support of global specialists, providing its clients with the best intelligence and technology there is to offer.

    Colmar Brunton specialises in customised research, in areas such as:

    • New Product Development
    • Sensory Evaluation
    • Brand Management & Planning
    • Advertising Development & Tracking
    • Market Segmentation
    • Customer and Employee Satisfaction Monitoring

    Colmar Brunton’s aim is to provide Australian businesses with the best market intelligence solutions available.


    Australian Consulting Enquiries:
    Contact your local Colmar Brunton office via the details under Office Locations

    Asia Pacific Consulting Enquiries:
    Philip Whinnen, Managing Director Colmar Brunton Asia Pacific
    [email protected]

    Sensory Consulting Enquiries (Sydney):
    Sarah Hyland, Research Director
    [email protected]

    Sensory Consulting Enquiries (Melbourne):
    Peter Kenny, Director, Managing Director – Client Service Melbourne
    [email protected]

    National Field Services Enquiries:
    Matthew Williamson, Director, National Operations and Innovation
    [email protected]

    International Field Services Enquiries:
    Peter Kenny, Director, National Operations and Innovation
    [email protected]

    Social Research Enquiries:
    Joan Young, Managing Director Colmar Brunton Social Research
    [email protected]

    Online Research Enquiries:
    Daniel Alexander-Head, Online Development Manager
    [email protected]

    Comments & questions about the website:
    [email protected]