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    Will this algorithm address Australia’s growing housing affordability problem?


    “More than half of Australians are being priced out of the property market and have resigned themselves to the fact that they may never be able to afford a home,” highlights Joint Property Australia founder Paul Ebbels, who is based in Melbourne.

    His company has developed a unique algorithm that allows people to get into property and reverse this trend of domination by the property investors in this country.

    The first of its kind model facilitates connecting people to lending facilities that do not require them to have the finance combined under the purchase contract. Ownership is shared with a second-tier investor, made up of either family or friends if not, Joint Property Australia will provide a mini property investor enabling thousands of people the opportunity to buy a home, which they otherwise thought was not possible.

    “Joint Property Australia is addressing housing affordability for families and individuals, giving every Australian looking to buy a home the opportunity to enter the property market to live in or invest,” Mr Ebbels said.

    How does Joint Property Australia work?

    “It is very important to understand that we are able to facilitate purchasers end to end, from the education process, to the Joint Property legal agreement, and through to the purchase,” he explained.

    “Under our unique model, there is no combined finance, and individuals are assessed for their percentage portion of the property only.

    “A unique feature of our product is it is based around the strategies used for property investment. I have developed a unique algorithm that enables the homebuyer to purchase 60% to 80% of a property, while Joint Property Australia facilitates a second-tier investor to buy the other 40% to 20%. The algorithm locks the investor in place and enables the homebuyer to stairway to full ownership. The investment is secured against real property.

    “After three to five years, the second-tier investor exits the property at an agreed sale figure for their 40% to 20% set by the algorithm at the start. At this point, we assist the homebuyer to scale up to 100% ownership.”

    Another unique feature is that the algorithm enables the homebuyer to never pay more than 60% to 80% of the purchase price for the property. This also means people can live in areas that they want to live in, areas where they grew up and close to other family members.

    Yolande Buckley and her son Matthew, 4, with Joint Property Australia managing director Paul Ebbels
    Yolande Buckley and her son Matthew, 4, with Joint Property Australia managing director Paul Ebbels

    An impassioned Paul further urges, “We are fighting back against the property investors and negative gearing. The property investors need tenants to pay rent for their wealth creation model to work, meanwhile those people looking for the security and financial prosperity that comes with owning a home will remain at the mercy of the Landlord.

    “If we do nothing and leave things the way they are now then the property investor/landlord with the help of negative gearing, will take an unprecedented hold on property ownership in this country. A hold that will be very difficult to recover from. Australia will be full of property investors and those that can’t afford to get into property, a very scary prospect for future generations who are looking for a place to call their very own home.”

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