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Buzz Numbers bought by Sentia Media for undisclosed sum


Local social media monitoring service, BuzzNumbers, has been bought by Sentia Media. You may remember Sentia Media by its previous name, Media Monitors.

Started in 2007 by Nick Holmes à Court, the company has grown rapidly as the need to understand social sentiment was recognised by businesses.

Plus, it’s a merger that makes sense. Sentia Media is a media intelligence agency. Long gone are the days of getting just a book of your newspaper clippings from your media monitoring company. Now, the portfolio needs to include what is being said in social media, and understanding the sentiment behind the conversation. This is where BuzzNumbers comes into play.

As a real-time, social media monitoring tool, it will have some oomph to the Sentia Media social media monitoring services.

BuzzNumbers has made a name for itself in recent years, as one of the leading tech startups in the country. The company was named the winner of the 2010 iPitch i10 Awards.

The purchase price has not been disclosed.