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Banksy’s dark, dark jab at 20th Century Fox


It’s up. It’s down. It’s up. It’s down.

Just in case you missed the Banksy/Simpsons collaboration that went viral this week, faster than Bart’s ‘Eat my shorts’ catch-phrase circa 1990, here it is.

The darkly comedic introduction sequence, which was developed by UK stencil artist Banksy at the invitation of The Simpsons’ producers, was pulled from YouTube earlier today, prompting many tech-scene observers to speculate that the clip, which is clearly critical of the program’s production processes, ruffled some of the wrong feathers at Fox.

We, at Anthill, also leapt to the wrong conclusion, assuming that the sequence was created as a masterfully executed, unprompted jab, independently of the show, and was pulled for copyright reasons. As it turns out, Fox simply wanted to re-direct the massive amounts of internet chatter generated by the clip to its Hulu website, which Fox owns a major stake of.

Someone, however, saw the light (thankfully, given that Australians are blocked from Hulu).

Banksy Versus The Simpsons