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Australians unwilling to pay extra for internet TV


Compare Broadband, a broadband comparison website, recently conducted a poll where it asked its visitors if they were willing to pay extra for their broadband provider to include unmetered Australian TV shows. Two thirds said no.

A survey by Compare Broadband recently found that Australians aren’t willing to pay for online TV. In a poll where visitors were asked “Would you pay more for a broadband plan to include unmetered Australian TV shows online?”, 66% answered “No”, 32% said “Yes” and 2% said “I don’t know.”

According to Scott Kennedy, Compare Broadband’s General Manager, these results are “indicative of the way we presently use our broadband connection and as we become more internet savvy we will stream video via our broadband connection through our HDTV, at that time content will be a major driver in our purchasing decision.”

Today, there are several Australian internet providers, like iiNet, Internode and iPrimus, which allow their customers to watch online TV for free, in that downloads are not measured as part of their monthly quotas. iPrimus has been offering ABC iView internet TV to its customers since December 2008 while iiNet provides, for an extra price, unmetered online TV services like Fetchtv and TiVo on-demand entertainment.

Unmetered TV services allow customers to watch TV content without worrying about their ISP monthly traffic quota.

Photo by Horrortaxi