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Aussie tech startup KoalaSafe hits Target in the U.S. with its innovative device to monitor kids’ internet usage

KoalaSafe CEO and Co-Founder Steven Pack

Aussie start up KoalaSafe is kicking goals in the United States with its product hitting the retail shelves of over 250 Target stores nationally.

KoalaSafe is a router with parental controls that lets you easily manage the time your child spends online.

The device creates a dedicated wifi network at home so that parents can set time limits, block inappropriate content and see usage analytics – all with ease from their smartphone.

CEO and Co-Founder Steven Pack said the product has been well received in the U.S. with sales growing rapidly across the country in the past three years.

“It all began as an idea back in 2014 after my nephew got an iPad for Christmas and was spending all his time playing Minecraft,” Mr Pack explains.

“One idea lead to another and KoalaSafe came to fruition in March 2015 as a successful crowdfunded campaign. Now, three years down the track and KoalaSafe is a rapidly growing start up.

How is KoalaSafe doing so far?

Completely funded by the growing demand from parents for online safety, KoalaSafe is a successful example of how quickly product innovation can happen through crowdfunding, be sold online, and then roll out in Big Box Stores.

“We’re really proud of our product which is unlike any other available. KoalaSafe is unique in that we don’t charge a monthly fee like other products in the market and our product creates a completely separate network for kids, so parents and children have a completely independent experience,” Mr Pack explains.

“It’s super easy to setup and creates a healthier, happier technology environment at home.”

KoalaSafe ships to over 21 countries across North and South America, Asia and Europe.

It is supported by the Austrade Landing Pad program, the Queensland Government Hot DesQ program and Blackbird ventures.

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